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April 2, 2020   

While Holy Trinity has suspended worship services due to the coronavirus pandemic, pray with us this Holy Week in these services from the National Cathedral at www.cathedral.org 

The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday  •  April 5, 2020

Holy Communion with Liturgy of the Palms      Live webcast: 11:15 am

Through dramatic readings of Scripture and music, we experience the journey from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem through his betrayal, persecution and death.

Maundy Thursday  •  April 9, 2020

Holy Communion with Stripping of the Altar     Live webcast: 7 pm

At this celebration of Holy Communion, we commemorate the institution of the Last Supper. The service concludes with the stripping of the altar.

Good Friday  •  April 10, 2020

Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday     Live webcast: Noon

Scripture, music, ancient prayer and Communion from the Reserved Sacrament all provide the powerful setting for the drama of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday:  The Sunday of the Resurrection  •  April 12, 2020

Live webcast: 11:15 am

Featuring guest preacher Presiding Bishop Michael Bruce Curry. Join us we proclaim the raising of Jesus Christ from the dead through word and song.

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Foundational articles regarding the wisdom and pragmatism of your Church’s disposition toward the present challenge.

Household Prayers for Holy Week: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Great Vigil, & Easter

Holy Week Resources

General Resources

Websites for Livestream

Washington National Cathedral (Daily Prayers; Easter Day @ 11:15am EST)


Holy Week: Ritual Ideas

Palm Sunday, bcp270
Gather – Read Matthew 21:1-11 – Bless Palms – Process around house/block – Sing – Drop Palms – Pray

Holy Monday
Gather – Read Mark 14:3-9 – With lotion or essential oil, mark the back of each other’s hands with a cross, ‘in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit’

Holy Tuesday
Gather – Read Mark 11:15-19 – Reflect on your checkbook, looking for priorities & practices that drown out the voice of God

Holy Wednesday
Prepare sacred space w/ sufficient candles – gather in darkness – Pray through a simple Tenebrae service

Maundy Thursday, bcp274
Prepare sacred space for holy dinner – gather for dinner –Pray through a simple Meal liturgy (J.Bellaimey)

Good Friday, bcp276
Identify 14 ‘stations’ in home/neighborhood – print GF liturgy (front/back) – walk the stations (F.Logue)

Holy Saturday: Waiting (daytime), bcp283
Create space to hold quiet vigil @ ‘the tomb’ – Read John 19:38-42 – Practice 10-15 min. centering prayer

Holy Saturday: Great Vigil (evening), bcp284
Build, light, & bless a small fire using Prayer Book, beginning p.285 – safely light a votive candle from the New Fire – walk the votive through your home/neighborhood, stopping three times to say: ‘The Light of Christ; Thanks be to God’ – Near front door or living room, pray the Exsultet (p.286-287), together or in parts – Gather in the living room for sacred story time, selecting some or all of the nine stories/collects, one of which must be Exodus 14:10-15:1 – reflect together: What do we notice about how God shows up?
What can we expect of God? What might God expect of us? – Conclude with ‘the Renewal of Baptismal Vows’ (p.292-294)

Gather with coffee & a blanket – link to Easter livestream @ Washington National Cathedral (11:15am EST)


Nota bene

To hear ‘the Jews’ disparaged in Christian scripture is hurtful and offensive – and, when taken out of context, incredibly dangerous. It’s vitally important that modern ears recognize this as the discourse of a nation and religion divided within itself – the ‘Jesus Movement’ or ‘People of The Way’ being one renewal movement among many – each seeking the most faithful means by which to defend and assert the integrity of the Jewish people in the midst of a perennially oppressive Roman Empire. As one Episcopal scholar notes: “The language of the passion stories in the gospels has contributed to the long tragic history of anti-Semitism in Christian cultures. All attribute major (and increasing) responsibility for the death of Jesus to the Jewish leaders and Jewish people. This reaches a peak in John’s gospel: John misleadingly portrays ‘the Jews’ as the enemies of Jesus and as responsible for his death. Yet this is not historically accurate. Historically speaking, in the judgment of most Jewish and Christian historians, responsibility for Jesus’ execution rests with Roman authority and a very small inner circle of the native Jewish aristocracy. These ‘ruling elites,’ rather than representing the Jewish people as a whole, were in fact the oppressors of the vast majority of the Jewish people in the time of Jesus. Thus it was not ‘the Jews’ who rejected Jesus, but a narrow circle of Roman and Jewish elites.” (Dr. Marcus Borg, Trinity Canon Theologian, Trinity Cathedral, Portland, OR, March 21, 1996)

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Welcome to Holy Trinity in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Holy Trinity is a place where you can connect with people you can relate to and where you’ll find lasting relationships!

A very warm welcome to you from the faith community of Holy Trinity! We're so glad you're visiting our website. Holy Trinity is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion which has 80 million members in over 160 countries! We were part of the Protestant Reformation and are both Protestant and reformed Catholic. We serve as a bridge church for persons looking for an alternative faith community and we are family friendly. You're not just a face or number at Holy Trinity! We're on the GROW for Christ! We have grown over 50% since 2012. Join us and you won't regret your decision to be participants in an intimate and caring faith community of devoted Christians rooted in the real presence of Christ through the Eucharist/Holy Communion! We are about YOU!

We are a church which will speak to your mind, heart and senses! We are also a missional church with outreach ministries chief among them our founding of Guardian Angels Senior Services and our service to the elderly and sick. We are active in CAER and are a supporting church for the Great River Family Promise and Open Doors for Youth serving homeless families and kids in our area. Check out their websites at www.familypromise.org. and www.opendoorsforyouth.org.  We are also active in the ministries of Feed My Starving Children. Visit them at www.fmsc.org. These are our major outreach ministries bringing our church into the world by being Christ's hands and feet!  Feel the love!

We love kids! Our phenomenal Sunday School curriculum is sound, Bible based and very personalized to meet your kids’ needs. A K-12 educator is our Director of Education. Come with your family on Sunday and realize that Holy Trinity is unique and different with regard to its kids’ Ministries. 

Priest-in-Charge: The Rev. Dr. Rob Cavanna



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