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New to Us? What to Expect...

Our world is becoming increasingly impersonal and cold. One of the many benefits in participating in the community life of Holy Trinity is that you are truly welcomed and cared about as a person.  The mega churches are returning to smaller and more intimate groups of people. At Holy Trinity, everybody "knows you by name" and you are accepted regardless of where you have been or what you have done in your life. 

If you've been alienated and hurt by a church in the past or just have never gotten in the swing of going to church on Sundays, give us a try!  Visit us any Sunday and be welcomed without any questions or hoops to go through in order to fully participate in the worship service or be accepted.


Church Hunting?

If you're "church hunting," why not try us out this Sunday? We're a family friendly church! If you park in our parking lot at the end of 4th Street and enter the parish hall door on the side of the building, a greeter will meet you, give you a bulletin and answer your questions. Younger children can go to the Nursery and other kids will begin Sunday School at 10:05am.  You won't be disappointed as we are a very real and genuine people with real and relevant preaching!

You will be surprised by the love, caring and non-judgementalism of the people of Holy Trinity. Give us a try, make the effort to come on Sunday and you won't be disappointed as you will be welcomed as Our Savior Jesus Christ would welcome you! Come grow with us!